5G Playground & Network Emulation

August 9, 2019

5G Network Structure The below network diagram describes the 5G architecture which consists of all RANs, aggregator, IP network, nanocore etc. network elements. As shown in the figure the 5G network uses flat IP concept so that different RANs (Radio Access Networks) are able to use the same single Nanocore for communication. RANs supported by

5G Testing in Lab | Simnovus 5G Lab as a Service

July 19, 2019

5G has become the uprising sensation in mobile world. As 5G progress from a concept in the lab to a commercial field-deployable solution, network equipment manufacturers (NEMs) and Device Manufacturers are working vigorously to assure 5G delivers on the guarantee of gigabit throughput, massive machine type communication and ultra-reliable low latency communications. 5G RAN is

How Simnovus Lab can revolutionalise education industry – Proposal, benefits to students & colleges

October 22, 2018

How Simnovus Lab can revolutionise education industry – Overview, Proposal, benefits to students & colleges Overview & Challenges Most of the engineering & technical colleges today mainly emphasize on theoretical aspects of technical education enabling students understand same old fundamental concepts and principles. Whereas these fundamental concepts are important for students, there is a clear

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