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Validate 5G RAN

Bringing a software mindset to validation


Simnovus 5G UE Simulator Transforms General-Purpose Servers into Testing Powerhouses

NTN Validation Made Effortless

Confidently test and deploy innovative Non-Terrestrial Network (NTN) solutions with comprehensive support for NR and Nb-IoT. Simnovus 5G UE Simulator seamlessly validates performance across diverse scenarios, encompassing all satellite types – Geostationary Orbit (GEO), Medium Earth Orbit (MEO), and Low Earth Orbit (LEO). Ensure global reach and exceptional connectivity with future-proofed testing capabilities.

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RedCap Validation Simplified

Achieve unwavering confidence in RedCap performance through our intuitive massive UE simulation solution. Seamlessly test co-existence with NR UEs for guaranteed operational fluency. Validate Half Duplex mode and diverse mobility scenarios, ensuring robust RedCap functionality in any network deployment.

Realistic Scenarios, Unwavering Performance

Simnovus UE Simulator immerses the base station in meticulously crafted, hyper-realistic environments. From dynamic mobility simulations to seamless link adaptation assessments, from crystal-clear Voice over NR evaluations to intricate multi-bearer, multi-PDN configurations, UE Simulator throws the gauntlet at the base station with a comprehensive array of demanding use cases. Through this rigorous exploration of diverse network challenges it guarantees unwavering robustness and exceptional performance, empowering you to deploy networks with unwavering confidence.


Effortless Validation for Enhanced Efficiency

Empower your team with a modern, web-based application featuring an intuitive interface for crafting complex test cases in minutes. Eliminate cumbersome software installations and streamline your workflow with this versatile tool. Pre-packaged test cases offer a springboard for immediate testing, propelling you into a realm of efficient and intuitive base station validation.

Unveiling Insights with Visual Clarity

Gain instant insights into base station performance through our clear and informative graphical statistics. Delve deeper with offline analysis and saved data for comprehensive understanding. Explore performance metrics globally, per cell, and even per UE, leveraging the power of visual diagnostics for a robust and optimized base station.


Automation Empowered, Analysis Amplified

Unlock the efficiency of modern RESTful APIs and effortless integration with existing frameworks like ROBOT for a seamless automation experience. Our intuitive software-based UE simulator combines expert guidance and comprehensive controls, empowering you to create, schedule, manage, and analyze test cases with ease. Explore insightful results and optimize your automation strategies for exceptional base station validation.

Simple Licensing for Seamless Innovation

Focus on innovation, not cost concerns. Enjoy peace of mind with our straightforward licensing model, designed to eliminate surprises and empower your team with the tools they need to excel. All core features are included, removing the complexity of per-option calculations and streamlining your budget planning. Invest in future-proof base station testing solutions and propel your organization forward.


Key Benefits

Enables Parallel Test Beds

Software on servers with GPP enables parallel test beds to accelerate validation

No Expensive Capex

An all-inclusive software license enables broad coverage without millions in Capex

Quick Ramp Up

Packaged tests and intuitive workflows ensure fast and robust validation

100% Automation On Day 1

Packaged scripts and RESTful APIs enable out-of-the-box automation and CI/CD integration

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to buy the server and SDR from you? Or can I buy the software only and use my server and SDR?
Is there a separate license for TDD and FDD ? Are the bands separately licensed?
Does the same hardware support both 4G and 5G? Will it require any additional hardware?
Does it support FR2?
Are both NSA and SA modes supported?
What is the technical support model and is it included in the product cost?
What is your hardware repair and replacement policy?
Is the Simnovus 5G UE Simulator suitable for Macrocell validation?
Can the Simnovus software based UE Simulator validate base stations supporting Non-Terrestrial Networks (NTN)?

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