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Validate 5G RAN

Bringing a software mindset to validation


Product Overview

COTS, SDR For Superior Value

With Simnovus, you get superior value as our software runs on COTS and SDR enabling you to deploy multiple test beds. You do not have to spend millions on expensive Capex.

COTS is Intel X86, Gen3 PCIe. The platform supports broad frequency ranges and can support 4x4 MIMO.


All-inclusive Subscriptions

With Simnovus, you get predictable budgeting as you can take advantage of subscription licensing. New software, including 3GPP updates are delivered at no cost while subscriptions are active.

With Simnovus, all your test beds are full featured and consistent as our software is all-inclusive. No more feature gaps across test beds.

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No-Script Automation - Enables CI/CD

Our UE simulator completely eliminates the need to write scripts as the scripts are auto generated. Just setup your validation scenarios in our powerful and flexible Web-based UI and it generates the automation scripts.

With Simnovus, you are automation ready on Day 1 as our UE simulator ships with a set of pre-packaged automation libraries. All you have to do is simply integrate Simnovus into your automation framework.

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2x Faster Troubleshooting

5G RAN designs are dramatically more open and as a result are harder than ever to troubleshoot. Our UE simulator makes it easy to isolate the data needed to debug faster.

With Simnovus, you get extensive statistics and correlation across protocol layers. You also get dynamic log levels which are automatically adjusted based on user-defined triggers.

You can filter data like IQ samples and export it to be analyzed with third party tools

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Pre-Packaged Test Library

Our packaged test library makse it easy for new users to ramp-up very quickly. We include tests with various technologies and methodologies including functional, scale, hand-over and channel models.

We also include a library of automated scripts so you can be 100% automation ready Day 1.


Real World Emulation At Scale

Setup multiple traffic profiles, various radio models, mobility paths, velocities to create a Real World scenario for RAN validation. Create various subscriber groups with handover and fading models.

And scale to hundreds of UEs. Do-it-all with the same software.

Proven Disruptor

We have already worked with several 5G innovator worldwide.

Our product is now deployed in several CI/CD pipelines.


Why Simnovus

Enables Parallel Test Beds

Our superior value enables parallel test beds to accelerate validation

No Expensive Capex

Our flexible subscriptions allow broad coverage without millions in Capex

Quick Ramp-Up

Our packaged tests and workflow makes it easy for quickly ramping up

100% Automation On Day 1

Our packaged scripts means you can automate out-of-the-box


Runs On COTS

Simulates up to 1000 UEs on an x86 platform


Support Of 5G

Both NSA and SA config with R15 features



Supports all global FDD and TDD bands for 4G and 5G


100 MHz

Verifies 5G throughput with wider channel bandwidths



Simulates all UE categories (5G, Nb-IoT, Cat-M and LTE)


Channel Emulation

Tests link adaptation by varying channel conditions

Tech Specs

  • UE Categories

    5G, NB-IoT(NB1, NB2), Cat-M1, LTE(0-13)

  • Simulated UEs/cell

    5G (up to 256) LTE (up to 1K), Nb-IoT (up to 4K)

  • Supported cells/system

    5G (up to 2)
    4G (up to 5)

  • 5G Deployment Modes

    Non-Standalone Mode & Standalone Mode

  • Supported Frequency Bands

    FR1 (70 MHz to 6.0 GHz)

  • Channel Bandwidths

    up to 100MHz

  • Sub Carrier Spacing

    15, 30, 60 KHz

  • Antenna Configuration

    SISO, MIMO (2x2, 4x4)

  • Carrier Aggregation

    5G - 2CC, LTE - 3CC

  • Handover

    Inter/intra-frequency, inter-duplex
    Inter-eNB/gNB, intra-eNB/gNB

  • QAM

    QPSK, 16 QAM, 64 QAM and 256 QAM

  • Channel Emulation & Power

    AWGN, 3GPP Channel Models
    UL Power Control, PHR, TPC

  • Detailed Logging

    All layers (L1, L2 and L3), SIP

  • Application traffic

    Fixed payload UDP traffic, non-IP data

  • Automation

    RESTful APIs

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Does the same hardware support both 4G and 5G? Will it require any additional hardware?
Does it support FR2?
Are both NSA and SA modes supported?
What is the technical support model and is it included in the product cost?
What is your hardware repair and replacement policy?

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