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O-RU Simulator

Validate Open Fronthaul: A Reliable Approach to the future of connectivity


Software O-RU Simulator on COTS

Available Anytime Anywhere

Access the O-RU Simulator from anywhere and anytime. All you need is a browser to access the O-RU simulator.

The O-RU simulator has the same intuitive step-by-step workflow as the UE Simulator providing the users with the same experience of generating even the most complex test profiles in just a few minutes.


Eliminate Interoperability Issues

With our O-RU Simulator solution, the need to procure and configure an O-RU goes away. Configure it to act as an O-RU operating in any band and frequency to ensure that the O-DU interoperates with O-RUs of different vendors.

All-inclusive Subscriptions

Our solution is available as an all-inclusive annual subscription. Simply choose the number of UEs to select the O-RU Simulator subscription needed.

This modern subscription model enables customers to create parallel test beds without large upfront Capex.


Extensive Statistics with the O-RU Simulator

Simnovus provides a wide range of key performance indicators (KPls) at the global scale and allows users to drill down to per O-RU instance, perĀ­ cell, and per-UE levels.

Channel Modeling, Handovers

With Simnovus O-RU Simulator, you can model real-world channel conditions and handovers at scale.


No Script Automation

With our O-RU simulator, automation is built in for Continuous Integration/Continuous Development (CI/CD).

Scripts are auto-generated with a powerful and flexible web-based user interface (UI), allowing for CI/CD and eliminating the need to write your own scripts.

Key Benefits

Enables Parallel Testbeds

Software on COTS enables parallel test beds to accelerate validation

Simplifies Test Setup

Virtualized O-RU SIM facilitates functional as well as high capacity test requirement.

All-inclusive Subscriptions

Flexible subscriptions enables broad coverage without millions in Capex

100% Automation on Day 1

Packaged scripts and RESTful APIs enable out-of-the-box automation and CI/CD acceleration

Frequently Asked Questions

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