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O-RU Simulator

Validate Open Fronthaul: A Reliable Approach to the future of connectivity


Software O-RU Simulator on COTS

Available Anytime Anywhere

Access the O-RU Simulator from anywhere and anytime. All you need is a browser to access the O-RU simulator.

The O-RU simulator has the same intuitive step-by-step workflow as the UE Simulator providing the users with the same experience of generating even the most complex test profiles in just a few minutes.


Eliminate Analog Issues

With our O-RU Simulator solution, the need to procure and configure an O-RU goes away. No more time lost on analog parameters like power control, attenuation, frequency carrier offsets.

All-inclusive Subscriptions

Our solution is available as an all-inclusive annual subscription. Simply choose the number of UEs to select the O-RU Simulator subscription needed.

This modern subscription model enables customers to create parallel test beds without large upfront Capex.


Extensive Statistics with the O-RU Simulator

Simnovus provides a wide range of key performance indicators (KPls) at the global scale and allows users to drill down to per O-RU instance, perĀ­ cell, and per-UE levels.

Channel Modeling, Handovers

With Simnovus O-RU Simulator, you can model real-world channel conditions and handovers at scale.


Core Emulator

Emulate 5G Core and IMS for wrap-around configuration and eliminate dependencies on the real core network.

No Script Automation

With our O-RU simulator, automation is built in for Continuous Integration/Continuous Development (CI/CD).

Scripts are auto-generated with a powerful and flexible web-based user interface (UI), allowing for CI/CD and eliminating the need to write your own scripts.


Key Benefits

Enables Parallel Testbeds

Software on COTS enables parallel test beds to accelerate validation

Simplifies Test Setup

Digital interfaces remove lab setup complexities by eliminating need for radio equipment

All-inclusive Subscriptions

Flexible subscriptions enables broad coverage without millions in Capex

100% Automation on Day 1

Packaged scripts and RESTful APIs enable out-of-the-box automation and CI/CD acceleration

Frequently Asked Questions

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