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Validate Devices

Network Emulator on COTS


Product Overview

Be World Ready - With A Single System

With Simnovus Network Emulator, it is easy to validate if your device works on networks across any region in the world under different network configurations. It supports carrier bandwidth up to 100MHz and frequency ranges from 70MHz to 6GHz for both FDD and TDD. And thanks to the software-based radio (SDR) design, you can also verify custom bands including CBRS.

All of this, with a single, simple software license.


Multi UE Testing

Unlike, many other network emulators, a Simnovus Network Emulator can validate multiple devices in parallel. This delivers far higher value and enables parallel testbeds.

With Simnovus, you can validate devices in either conducted RF or over the air (OTA) mode.

With our all-inclusive license, validate 5G, LTE, Cat-M, or Nb-IoT (standalone, in-band & guard-band) devices - all using a single system.

Built-in Channel Emulation

Unlike many competitors, we have channel emulation built-in. Channel emulation supports AWGN, EPA, EVA, ETU, and MBSFN 3GPP channel models and helps verify the UE’s behavior under different mobility scenarios.

With Simnovus, you can recreate multiple cells of any combination (inter-frequency, intra-frequency, inter-duplex, inter-eNB/gNB). You can adjust the transmit power of one cell in software without the need for physical attenuators to verify handovers and their impact on data traffic.


Failure Testing Without Live Network

Devices fail when they are subjected to conditions which they do not expect normally to occur. Validating it under failure scenarios can be complicated and tedious. With Simnovus, you can do this in the lab.

Selectively reject or ignore messages whether it is an RRC message or an EMM, 5GMM, ESM, or 5GSM message. Add custom headers to SIP requests and responses or simulate multiple P-CSCFs to verify failover scenarios.

Not just that. Easily trigger network-driven actions like sending CMAS/ETWS messages, modifying bearer or detaching the UE, and many more.

Why Simnovus

Superior Value

COTS, SDR and single license for all frequencies and bands enables high ROI

Faster Validation

Multi UE test from single system speeds up validation and improves time to market

Channel Emulation Built-in

Enables more real-world scenarios without additional equipment and investment

Simple Licensing

All-inclusive licensing makes planning simple while delivering superior value


Runs On COTS

Concurrently handles tens of UEs on an x86 platform


Support Of 5G

Simulates both NSA and SA configuration



Supports all global FDD and TDD bands for 4G and 5G



Validates 5G, Nb-IoT, Cat-M and LTE devices


100 MHz

Verifies 5G throughput with wider channel bandwidths


Channel Emulation

Inbuilt functionality to verify mobility

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