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We develop UE-Simulator and NW Emulator to validate 4G and 5G base stations and devices. Our customers love our products as they are intuitive, based on software-defined radio, run on commercial off the shelf hardware, and are extremely cost-effective. This blend of features with simplicity and quick turnaround time by our customer support team, make us the preferred partner in their validation cycle.


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We understand the challenges a base station manufacturer or a radio protocol stack provider faces being the early adopters of wireless technology. Unavailability of commercial devices, specific requirements from the operators, and meeting tight delivery timelines, we at Simnovus will help overcome these challenges.

Our easy to use and cost-effective solutions will help you validate the features of the entire radio stack, test its interoperability with other nodes and benchmark it on several key performance indicators. Empower your development and validation teams with one or more testbeds built on our solutions and speed up your time to market. Our plug and play solution on COTS hardware and excellent support with quick software fixes & updates will always keep you step ahead of the competition.

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Chipset and device manufacturers aspire to be on the top while the world undergoes constant technological advancement and digital transformation. This demands a situation for organizations to be open to constant hardware/software upgrades. Frequent updates and overburdened with limited resources, you need an easy to use test network in the lab to validate the devices and chipsets for compliance, features, and also performance.

Recreating a live network in the lab that operates in all the global frequency bands, operates in both conducted and non-conducted mode, recreates fading profiles, simulates many negative scenarios. All this and more at a very affordable price are what makes us stand out of the rest of the competition.

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Delivering the best user experience to the subscribers is what drives a mobile network operator to upgrade the nodes in the network. Having the most optimized radio access network that is a mix of network elements from different base station manufacturers while ensuring interoperability among them and maintaining the required level of QoS are the key objectives.

Our solutions validate the features & performance of base stations (macro or small) in the network replica labs. By generating real-time traffic into the pre-deployment network architecture, we ensure network capacity, functionality, and interoperability between various network nodes are verified. This enables network operators to validate their network before field deployment and also replicate and fix field issues.

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Government institutions have the mission to develop indigenous technologies that are cost-effective, applicable to a large mass, and operate under adverse conditions. The use cases are often very different and require extreme confidentiality. Funded by the government, these products undergo stringent validation standards when it comes to complete compliance with the standard, interoperability, operational efficiency, backward compatibility, and ease of use. Academic institutions with a strong start-up and research culture aim to provide a unique academic atmosphere for the students.

We have worked closely with many organizations and have provided our one-stop solution which helps them create a working mobile network in the lab at an affordable cost.

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