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We are a dynamic team building innovative and disruptive products for 5G validation. We started the company to truly enable our customers to be the winners in 5G. We apply simple innovation to solve complex problems. We believe that a software-driven mindset and business models are the future.


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Our easy-to-use products help you validate the features of the entire radio stack, test its interoperability with other nodes and benchmark it on several key performance indicators. Empower your development and validation teams with one or more testbeds built on our solutions and accelerate your time to market. Our plug and play solution on COTS hardware and excellent support with quick software fixes & updates will always keep you step ahead of the competition.

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Our easy-to-use test network in the lab validates the devices and chipsets for compliance, features, and performance. Operates in all the global frequency bands, in both conducted and non-conducted modes, recreates fading profiles, simulates many negative scenarios. What makes us stand out from the rest of the competition is our ability to do all this on commercial-off-the-shelf hardware.

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Our solutions validate the features & performance of base stations (macro or small) in the network replica labs. By generating real-time traffic into the pre-deployment network architecture, we ensure network capacity, functionality, and interoperability between various network nodes are verified. This enables network operators to validate their network before field deployment and also replicate and fix field issues.

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We have worked closely with many academic and government organizations and have provided our one-stop solution which helps them create a working mobile network in the lab at an affordable cost.

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How Does 5G Impact IoT Devices?

The Digital Age has seen much advancement, but the most prominent development remains the Internet of Things (IoT). While many digital trends were already in place before the pandemic struck, 2020 has seen a rapid acceleration into digital transformation. Against this backdrop arrives the 5G solution. Its potential is to transform data centre services through faster...

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Benefits of UE Simulator

Today data seems to be the buzz word. How well the network providers give robust data transfer to its clients sums up the company’s growth.  The massive outburst of mobile subscribers recently is primarily because of the technological advances in the LTE networks. Mobile applications have taken the world by storm. Many companies provide high-tech...

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Understanding Power Control

In wireless communication, one of the main challenges for the transmitted signal is to overcome the degradation caused by the channel. The energy drops by the time the signal reaches the receiver. In order to successfully transmit a signal, it must overcome the variations of the wireless channel. There are various methods and techniques that...

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