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Startup of the Year 2020 award by SiliconIndia

Startup of the Year 2020 award by SiliconIndia

We are humbled to have received the “Startup of the Year 2020” award from SiliconIndia for the Test and Measurement category in cellular wireless technologies. This is what we could carve out of a tough pandemic year. A collective effort, Fine strategy, and Unshakable discipline are all that you need to keep growing even when it gets tough. Here is what SiliconIndia wrote about us:


“Simnovus, is the first and the only one in the country focused on the Cellular Wireless T&M segment. Simnovus is revolutionizing the Indian T&M industry with its efficient and reasonably priced SDR (Software-Defined Radio) based products and solutions which can run on general-purpose hardware. The SDR solutions by Simnovus reduce the intricacy and bring flexibility for the end customers. Being competitively priced, companies can now run parallel test-beds and increase their productivity as opposed to relying on a single unit and time-sharing it between several teams.

Since its inception in 2017, Simnovus has magnificently scaled-up its customer base. It’s largely because, unlike other international solution providers who provide proprietary hardware-centric solutions, Simnovus offers SDR-based products and solutions that are simple, effective, intuitive, and cost-effective.”


The Startup of the Year 2020 digital magazine can be read at the following links.


Team Simnovus is enthralled to have this recognition and commits itself to become a pioneer in providing world-class 5G solutions while uplifting its innovation to be able to offer the most intuitive and cost-effective software-based solutions. Not only the products, but Simnovus also innovates in its business model, tech support system, and customer engagements to ensure simplicity with class. Simnovus is planning on an international expansion including sales-operation in the US and channel partners in Singapore, Japan, and Europe. There will be a major product release in March 2021 with enhanced 5G features and user-experience targeting specifically the mobile network operators.

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