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Simnovus Selected by Skylo

Simnovus Selected by Skylo

18 January 2021:

Simnovus, a start-up based in Bangalore (INDIA), today announced that Skylo, the world’s first and most affordable end-to-end solution connecting machine and sensor data via satellite, has chosen them for their Narrowband IoT base station validation.

The Skylo Hub, its immersive Skylo UI Platform, and the Skylo Network — in conjunction with its proprietary Skylo Base Station — are at the heart of the company’s connectivity solution.

“Simnovus gives us the ability to measure the effectiveness of the Skylo Base Station when deployed under extreme load, diverse traffic patterns, and other stress environments that we’ll likely see in the real world,” said Skylo’s Chief Network Architect Vijay Lewis. “With Simnovator, we can accurately measure network performance in a lab environment before deployment, so customers get the best possible experience when deploying our solution.”

Simnovus, a start-up based in Bangalore (INDIA), provides an US simulator for 5G and 4G trademarked as “Simnovator®” that runs on the software-defined radio (SDR) technology. As a result, it can transform an Intel x86-based, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware into a powerful UE simulator. It simulates thousands of devices with complex realistic traffic patterns, interoperating with real core networks, and facilitating the validation of the base station and network for both functionality and performance.

Simnovator provides an easy-to-use platform with the flexibility to configure all the scenarios needed to validate the Skylo Base Stations on the largest scales. That includes detailed logging to help identify any functional issues, as well as high-traffic generation capability to verify the ability of the Skylo Base Stations to remain stable during extreme stress events.

“We’re excited to work with Skylo as their validation partner, and are committed to ensuring the quality of Skylo’s deployments,” the founders of Simnovus said.

“This partnership represents a critical step forward in our larger mission of seamlessly connecting the world’s machines and sensors, especially those in remote and underserved areas, with a different, more specialized type of network — one that’s designed to improve connectivity for global business, farming, fisheries, and railways, as well as other vital economic driving industries,” Skylo’s Lewis added.

Reliable and 100% continuous, Skylo’s end-to-end solution delivers its geostationary satellite-based network (the Skylo Network), in partnership with BSNL in India, its elegant Skylo Hub, and immersive Skylo Platform, accessible on mobile, tablet, and desktop. Together, these components work to increase safety, drive economic development and job creation, and help with disaster preparedness. Skylo successfully serves customers across the public and private sectors.

About Simnovus

Simnovus develops UE-Simulator and Network Emulator for 4G, 5G, and Narrowband IoT base station validation and device validation. The products are intuitive, based on the software-defined radio, run on commercial off-the-shelf hardware resulting in a lower Total Cost of Ownership. This blend of features with simplicity and quick turnaround time by the customer support team makes them the preferred partner in their validation cycle. These products empower validation and development team members working at companies building base stations and devices or those who roll out mobile networks.

About Skylo

Skylo delivers the world’s first disruptively affordable, satellite-based solution that connects machines and sensors, from slow-moving tractors to fast-moving trucks, from fishing boats at sea to railcars, from pipelines to livestock, no matter where in the world they are. Skylo continuously collects and shares this valuable data through an intuitive and immersive user platform so people can make smarter decisions faster. The first company to leverage the cellular Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) protocol for satellite communications, Skylo connects remote areas to serve a wide range of industries including farming, fishing, railways, logistics, and disaster preparedness. Skylo has offices in Palo Alto, CA; Bangalore, India; Tel Aviv, Israel; Espoo, Finland, and is growing globally to support its customers. To learn more about Skylo, visit, or find us on Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.


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Indu Vijeth, Sales Account Manager

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