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Simnovus Wins Award – Testing

Simnovus Wins Award – Testing

“Necessity is the mother of Invention” and the Simnovus Team is one such high-growth company keenly fixated on enabling innovative disruption in the telecom world. 

We had the honor of winning the Innovative Zone India Award for the category of “ The 20 Best Startups”  for our Software Innovation to accelerate 5G Validation. Our sheer endeavor behind the inception of Simnovus was to disrupt the Test and Measurement Industry by bringing innovative software products which deliver the maximum value. Re-imagining 5G RAN validation with software innovation, we have set our foot in the business landscape as a dynamic 5G software enterprise. Our range of products ensures ten times better ROI that easily integrates into the CI/CD pipeline helping customers accelerate, validation.

Our start-up’s solution is enriched with exemplary features like zero script automation, agile releases, multi-technology support i.e NB-IoT, Cat-M, 4G, and 5G all in one software. Scaling greater heights across the niche market, Simnovus Team has carved its unique identity in the targeted market with its unparalleled product portfolio. We have also created a massive global clientele with 300% revenue growth during this pandemic and are proud to have managed such a position with the best team members.

A collective effort with an eye towards growing even when it gets tough is what Simnovus Team stands for.

We are thrilled to win this award and continue to strive and offer innovative solutions for our clients. 

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