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Simnovus & Radisys Achieve Seamless Open RAN Interoperability at CableLabs, Paving Way for Faster 5G Deployments

Simnovus & Radisys Achieve Seamless Open RAN Interoperability at CableLabs, Paving Way for Faster 5G Deployments

Cary, NC – January 8, 2024 – In a major boost for Open RAN adoption, Simnovus, a leading innovator in 5G RAN validation, and Radisys® Corporation, a global leader in open telecom solutions, today announced the successful completion of interoperability between Simnovus O-RU simulator and Radisys O-DU/CU combo at the prestigious CableLabs Open Testing and Integration Center (OTIC) facility. This breakthrough collaboration, showcased during the recent O-RAN Alliance Global PlugFest Fall 2023, paves the way for faster, more cost-effective 5G deployments.


Bijith Rao, VP of Customer Solutions at Simnovus, highlighted the significance of this achievement, stating, “Say goodbye to expensive, specialized hardware for the validation of O-DU on the fronthaul interface. Simnovus’ software-centric O-RU Simulator runs on standard servers, slashing validation costs, boosting portability, and streamlining deployment. This allows for the creation of parallel testbeds, dramatically accelerating the QA process and enabling validation at warp speed.”


“Radisys is pleased to have achieved the successful interoperability of our innovative CU/DU solution with Simnovus’ RU simulator,” said Ganesh Shenbagaraman, Head of Standards, Regulatory Affairs & Ecosystems at Radisys Corporation. “This achievement showcases the robustness and versatility obtainable with truly disaggregated Open RAN solutions. We are excited to continue this collaboration to ensure the delivery of diverse, flexible, and cost-effective 5G solutions capable of numerous applications and use cases across industry verticals.”


The tests focused on:

  • Multi-vendor integration: Seamlessly integrating the Simnovus O-RU Simulator with the Radisys O-DU/CU combo and a 3rd party core network emulator.
  • Stack validation: Ensuring adherence to the O-RAN Alliance WG8 IOT specification for the Stack Reference Design and WG4 IOT specification for fronthaul interoperability.
  • Industrial IoT suitability: Demonstrating a modified 5G ACIA Traffic Model for Industrial Use Cases, proving Open RAN’s potential for diverse applications beyond traditional mobile broadband.


This successful interoperability testing underscores Simnovus’ commitment to developing cutting-edge tools that accelerate the validation of standalone and disaggregated 5G base stations. The collaboration with Radisys further advances Simnovus’ mission to deliver software-centric solutions that pave the way for a more efficient and accelerated launch of new technologies in the telecommunications industry.


About Simnovus

Simnovus simplifies 5G RAN validation with software-centric solutions that run on standard servers. The company’s flagship products, the UE Simulator and O-RU Simulator, eliminate the need for expensive, specialized hardware, reducing costs, streamlining deployment, and accelerating the validation process. With an intuitive user interface, Simnovus empowers innovators in the telecom world to focus on developing cutting-edge 5G technologies. For more information, visit