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Non-Terrestrial Network Validation with Simnovus UE Simulator


Conquer NTN Validation Challenges with Simnovus UE Simulator: Empowering NB-IoT & 5G over Satellites

Embark on your NTN journey with the ultimate validation tool! The Simnovus UE Simulator empowers you to master the intricate complexities of Non-Terrestrial Networks (NTNs) for both NB-IoT and 5G, ensuring seamless connectivity and impeccable performance across the cosmos. Dive deep into our cutting-edge technical features, optimized for conquering all NTN validation challenges:

1. Verify the newly introduced SIBs:

  • Non-Terrestrial Network for NB-IoT: Validate the base station’s ability to broadcast critical System Information Blocks (SIBs) like SIB31, ensuring accurate network synchronization and efficient resource allocation for your NB-IoT devices.
  • Non-Terrestrial Network for 5G: Validate the accuracy and timeliness of satellite ephemeris data transmission by the base station within SIB19, which is crucial for the UEs to calculate their own location and improve signal acquisition performance.

2. Verify the Extended Timers:

  • Doppler Shift Correction: Simulate UE’s automatic compensation mechanisms to handle the frequency Doppler shift and the delay introduced in the service and the feeder link. Analyze the Timing Advance (TA) calculations and network synchronization accuracy.
  • Extended Delay Management: Ensure that extended timers like T300, T320, and T380. Evaluate if UEs can be served by the base station under increased signal travel times, guaranteeing robust network access and reliable data transmission.

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3.Harness the Power of Dynamic HARQ:

  • Fine-tune Error Correction: Take command of Hybrid Automatic Repeat Request (HARQ) processes. Enable or disable retransmissions strategically, optimizing for low latency or high reliability scenarios.
  • Maximize Throughput with 32 HARQ Processes: Unleash the potential of parallel HARQ processing. Efficiently scheduling retransmissions for 32 HARQ processes can be complex for the base station, especially when considering other network traffic and prioritizing requests.

4. Replicate the Real World:

  • Traffic Modeling Granularity: Craft intricate traffic patterns mimicking real-world NB-IoT and 5G applications. Define call setup/disconnect procedures, data bursts, and diverse traffic types to comprehensively evaluate the base station’s performance under various network loads.

5. Simplified Validation:

  • Software-Based Solution: Simnovus UE Simulator is a software-based solution that seamlessly integrates with your existing setup, eliminating costly upgrades or specialized equipment.
  • Plug-and-Play Simplicity: Dive into NTN validation immediately. Our intuitive interface and pre-configured test scenarios make running complex simulations a breeze, freeing you to focus on optimizing your applications for success.

6. Keeping up with Future Requirements:

The innovation doesn’t stop here. In the upcoming releases, the Simnovus UE simulator will support the following advanced use cases.

  • Seamless Handover Between NTN Cells
  • Effortless Terrestrial-NTN Handover

Simnovus UE Simulator is your key to unlocking the limitless potential of NTNs. Whether it is Non-Terrestrial Network for Nb-IoT or Non-Terrestrial Network for 5G, conquer NTN Validation with confidence. 

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