In Long Term Evolution (LTE), it’s all about the user experience and therefore, UE (User Equipment) testing is extremely important. LTE is all about in terms of speed and network performance. In mobile network there may be considerable degradation of the signal transmitted between the base station and the user equipment, this is because there are an infinite number of paths that the signal can take, each with different values of attenuation and phase difference, and the received signal is the sum of all these multi-path signals.

Hence it becomes important to test UE before launching to the market and Simnovus is your partner to provide the emulation of real world LTE network conditions to test the LTE smart phones or devices developed by you.

Capabilities :

  • Verify smartphones, LTE devices in the lab for different services
  • Simulate a single multi sector eNodeB or multiple single sector eNodeBs
  • Verify intra-eNodeB or inter-eNodeB handovers or cell re-selection capabilities
  • Simulate entire LTE network along with the eNodeBs
  • Simulate IMS core network to verify VoLTE & other multi-media services
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