eNodeB includes all the radio-related functions within the same unit that were previously distributed. LTE Radio interface is OFDMA based and faster than older technologies. eNodeBs are directly connected to other neighbouring eNodeBs over X2 interface and radio measurements can be done at eNodeB which is invisible at S1 interface.

All these makes radio interface testing and optimization around eNodeB much more challenging hence Simnovus test solution helps to validate it either OTA or by RF cables connectivity on Uu interface

Capabilities :

  • Simulate thousands of UEs over Uu interface to verify the eNodeB
  • Simulate the entire LTE EPC network (MME, S-GW, P-GW, HSS) to connect to the eNodeB over the S1 interface
  • Connect single or multiple eNodeBs to the EPC simulator
  • Simulate several neighbouring eNodeB over X2 interface to verify handovers
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