LTE Core testing is an essential part of service acceptance procedures. The defined operation of 4G services requires a scalable, properly working LTE core network. This creates a necessity of functional, interoperable, and load testing of the LTE core. The issues arising later is troublesome, because it requires proper handling of all network wide processes – for all equipment of the validation setup, while their utilization is pushed to its limits.

Simnovus partner’s Solution simulates hundreds of thousands of users attached to EPC + IMS Core, move between its routing areas or even arriving from 2G or 3G networks, and generate traffic before detaching. In order to unveil the limitations of the network under test it is mandatory to test network as a whole and also wrap around individual network elements in isolation.

Capabilities :

  • Single solution for load, stress & functional validation of Mobile Core & IMS Networks
  • Diverse capabilities to validate Mobile broadband, VoLTE, VoWiFi and Nb-IoT services
  • Extensive user plane testing capabilities
  • Easy to Use, Quick to Deploy and Scalable to meet future requirements.
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