The gigabit NodeB or gNodeB connects UE devices to the mobile network. Mainly the gNodeB throughput improvements come from MIMO antenna systems that improve cellular connection quality. The reduction of base station power consumption and enablement of very high-gain links overcomes mmWave channel losses. This advanced technology dramatically increases the complexity of the radio network.

It becomes important for gNodeB manufacturers to test their system before deployment that would need a testing solution which can generate and analyse large numbers of RF streams. Simnovus can provide a comprehensive solution to validate gNodeB in both NSA and SA mode.

Proposed Capabilities :

  • Based on Software Defined Radio with RF coverage of 70 MHz to 6.0 GHz
  • Supports LTE and 5G NR in NSA mode today; easy SW upgrade to SA mode
  • Highly configurable and easy scripting to create various call flows and traffic models
  • Supports upto 3GPP Release 15. Same setup for LTE, NB-IoT and 5G UE Simulation
  • Channel Emulation and fading capability
  • Simulates multiple UEs over NR interface to verify the eNodeB and gNodeB
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