The Simnovus UE Simulator is built on Software Defined Radio and transforms Intel x86 based commercially off the shelf (COTS) hardware into UE simulator. This makes it extremely cost-effective and helps organizations to have multiple concurrent testbeds. This reduces the duration of the validation cycle by almost half while improving the quality of the device under test. Simnovus provides complete wrap around testing of gNB by simulating 5G Ues and entire 5G core network.

Key Benefits

  • 5G NSA and SA-ready
  • Carrier Aggregation with TDD and FDD
  • Over the Air (OTA) and Cabled RF mode
  • UE categories: Cat-M1, Nb-IoT (NB1,
    NB2), LTE, LTE-A, 5G
  • CPRI Support for Split 8
  • Realistic traffic mixing capabilities
  • Inbuilt traffic generator
  • Inbuilt channel emulator
  • Detailed logging for all layers (L1, L2 and L3)
  • Comprehensive Dashboard for major KPIs
  • Automation with Easy Scheduler and Reporter
  • Intuitive User Interface making it Easy to Use

Supported Features

RAT Support4G and 5G, FR1 – Ready, FR2 – Planned
5G modeNon-Standalone Mode
  • Primary Cell 4G (TDD or FDD)
  • Secondary Cell NR (TDD or FDD)
Standalone Mode
  • Both FDD and TDD
SSB/Data Sub Carrier Spacing
  • 15, 30, 60 KHz
Cellular IoTLTE-M, NB-IoT with PSM and eDRX
CP-CIoT, attach without PDN, NIDD
Sub-Carrier Spacing: 3.75 and 15 Khz
4G Configurations3CC 2x2 MIMO 20MHz
2CC 4x4 MIMO 20MHz
Channel BandwidthUp to 50MHz (Current HW)
Up to 100 MHZ (Planned )
UE categoriesNB-IoT (NB1 and Nb2), Cat-M1, LTE (0 to 13)
QAM256 for both UL and DL
Supported UEsLicense controlled with different slabs
  • Single UE, 64 UEs, 128 UEs, 256 UEs, 1000 UEs
Logging SupportComprehensive for all protocols in L1, L2 and L3
Ability to filter logs in run-time
Realistic Traffic MixSignaling and User Plane Traffic Profiling
  • Signaling: UE category, attach rate, power-on duration
  • User Plane: data type, bitrate, direction
In-built Channel
Additive white Gaussian noise (AWGN)
Randomize or specify UE position, speed and direction
AutomationScheduling option with Reporter to analyze test results
User ManagementEfficient user management for concurrent usage of the system
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