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The technical academic institutions in every country are working towards the development of innovative technologies in the field of communication. They aim to create indigenous solutions that can make their country advanced and less dependent on external solutions. The instruments that can help them perform advanced research need to be cost-effective so that many students can work on it simultaneously. Since the products so far had been expensive, many institutions couldn't provide the required environment for research.

Government organizations like defense, space, and communication are tasked with similar responsibilities to create indigenous solutions that are cost-effective, secure, and scalable. Since these activities are funded by the government, the cost of development is expected to be less. They require products that are compliant to the 3GPP as well as have the capability to be customized to meet the local requirements.

Applicable Products



Affordable products

No more compromises on providing the best test setup required for advanced research on cellular communications. Turn COTS hardware into network and devices.


Easily upgradable

Start with a single product, upgrade it later or add additional products from Simnovus. There will be minimal downtime when you add our tools in your lab.



Specific implementation to meet local requirements can be met on the Simnovus products which are built on flexible SDR architecture.


Peace of Mind

Simnovus will be there for you always in your endeavor to create something new. Sign up for multi-year care contracts to get rid of the hassles of budget approvals and have a peace of mind for your engineers.


Always Updated

Robust and regular software updates keep the testbed up-to-date and compliant with the latest 3GPP specifications.


Quick Turnaround Time

Dedicated support team providing responses to you at the earliest to ensure that our product helps you accelerate and never slows down your progress.





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