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Chipset and device manufacturers aspire to be on the top while the world undergoes constant technological advancement and digital transformation. This demands a situation for organizations to be open to constant hardware/software upgrades. Frequent updates and overburdened with limited resources, they need an easy to use test network in the lab to validate the devices and chipsets for compliance, features, and performance.

It’s impossible to validate the device by testing it across all networks operating in various frequency bands. On the other hand, the certification labs have a long wait time to get the device certified as per the different standards. In addition to this, almost none of the negative scenarios can be replicated in a real network.

Applicable Products



Be Global Ready

Verify device on all frequency bands of the world, with all possible network configurations set by the operators without venturing out of the lab.


Faster Time to Market

Go for product certification with confidence after performing pre-certification testing with our callbox. No more multiple rounds of visits to the certification labs.


Superior Product Quality

Failure testing in the lab ensures that your product is validated under all circumstances and it never lets your end-users down when the network behaves abnormally.


Low Total Cost of Ownership

The same tool from the lab to the factory. Connect multiple devices and chipsets at the same time and perform functional, performance, or sanity tests before the product release.


Stay Updated

Robust and regular software updates keep the testbed up-to-date and compliant with the latest 3GPP specifications.


Quick Turnaround Time

Dedicated support team providing responses to you at the earliest to ensure that our product helps you accelerate and never slows down your progress.





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