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RAN is the most technologically demanding area of the mobile communications network and the base stations play the central role. With cloud RAN and openRAN, they have been evolving rapidly to support 5G and handle a variety of traffic requirements. With the CU and DU split, many new vendors have emerged and hence the base station is no more monolithic. As a vendor, it is more challenging now to ensure that the component developed interworks with all other components properly while ensuring that the throughput, latency, and service set up success rate is excellent.

Increased combinations result in increased tests and hence require multiple parallel testbeds. Time-sharing a single bulky and expensive test tool across different teams and testbeds can severely impact the delivery timelines. Customs clearance can add significant delays in the procurement of new or replacement units.

Applicable Products



Lowest CAPEX and OPEX

Simnovator will ensure that your validation objectives are met without hurting your budget. SDR based solution on futureproof hardware promises you the lowest TCO.


Increased Productivity

No more timesharing of test tools. Equip each engineer with Simnovator and verify more test combinations in a short time using parallel testbeds.


Faster time to market

The automation capabilities in Simnovator enables Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) of the base station software.


Robust Product

Recreate complex subscriber activities and data patterns in the lab and ensure that the base station never fails in the live networks.


Stay Updated

Robust and regular software updates keep the testbed up-to-date and compliant with the latest 3GPP specifications.


Quick Turnaround Time

Dedicated support team providing responses to you at the earliest to ensure that our product helps you accelerate and never slows down your progress.


Customer Stories



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What is 5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA)

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How Academic Institutions are Helping in 5G Innovation and Beyond?

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Challenges Faced in 5G Device Testing

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