What is OpenRAN?

June 12, 2020

What is OpenRAN

As an integral part of wireless communication, radio access networks (RAN) connect computers, smartphones, tablets, and similar remotely-controlled devices to various parts of a network through radio connections. The user devices are designed with built-in RAN. The RAN connects the devices to a telecom network wirelessly by managing resources across radio sites. But the providers

Attach Failures in 5G – Part 2

May 27, 2020

Phone with no signal

In the last blog, we discussed the failures encountered while validating devices or base stations in the ENDC mode. We summed up issues that can arise due to incompatibility in the UE and Network capabilities, incorrect measurement configuration and report exchanged and problems in the CG-config sent by the base station to the UE. In

Attach Failures in 5G – Part 1

May 19, 2020

Person angry due to Attach Failures

Introduction As discussed earlier in the previous whitepaper regarding the validation of NSA and SA deployment modes, the ENDC mode requires coordination between the existing LTE nodes and new nodes (e.g. gNB), the introduction of a new radio, and several modifications in the messages. Consequently, during the initial conformance and feature testing, most often one

Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS)

May 2, 2020

Dynamic Spectrum Sharing

Introduction Spectrum reframing from 2G to 3G and then to LTE was a slow and comparatively complex process and also expensive. It was not possible to share the spectrum between different technologies. Spectrum reframing from LTE to 5G will be simpler with DSS.   Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS) is a technology that will allow both 4G

How 5G Will Revolutionise the Telecom Industry – Overview, Challenges & How Simnovus Can Help

September 24, 2018

Overview The telecom industry is gearing up for the next quantum jump – 5G wireless technology – promising to connect everything from mobile phones to vehicles to household devices at lightning-fast speed.  From the first generation of mobile communication with unreliable and expensive voice calling to ultra-fast 4G network connectivity that ushered us with everything

The NB-IoT Standard – Key Challenges & Opportunities for the Internet of Things

September 3, 2018

In recent years, the Internet of Things has revolutionised how you connect and communicate. In no time, you will live in a world that is managed in an efficient and modern way. Life will not only become convenient but will also have answers to the most complex concerns. Imagine having a smart application that reminds

Advanced Message Protocols: The Next Security Challenge for IoT Implementation

August 30, 2018

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the buzzword today. The cutting-edge technology has gained exceptional momentum in various spheres such as banking, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, consumer goods, etc. IoT has been connecting millions of devices, empowering data tracking & analysis like never before. Businesses globally are looking for possible IoT applications to connect to devices

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