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UE Simulator (LTE, 5G, NBIoT)

Saurav Jha

In today’s world, cellular network users want and expect superior service and performance with high quality of service and network speed in gigabits per second, for which extensive and frequent access RAN testing needs to be done. Simnovus UE Simulator known as Simnovator is capable of simulating and testing several devices and user equipment to recreate unique behavior for each device and puts the network RAN under stress to ensure its robustness, performance & functionalities. This test solution is easy to configure, highly flexible, scalable, and cost-effective too.

Our 5G UE Simulator provides a flexible and comprehensive solution for evaluating 5G base stations. We offer by far the most cost-effective solution for validating LTE and 5G RAN testing with multi UE simulation capabilities achieving the phenomenal capacity and flexibility. Our easy to use & high performing UE simulator allows integration with legacy IP testers to perform an evaluation with voice, data, and video. Our solution allows mobile operators and equipment manufacturers to verify their wireless networks before deployment.

LTE UE Simulation:

  • Simulate thousands of UEs over Uu interface to verify the eNodeB
  • Simulate the entire LTE EPC network (MME, S-GW, P-GW, HSS) to connect to the eNodeB over the S1 interface
  • Connect single or multiple eNodeBs to the EPC simulator
  • Channel Emulation and fading capability
  • Simulate several neighboring eNodeB over X2 interface to verify handovers

5G UE Simulation:

  • Based on Software Defined Radio with RF coverage of 70 MHz to 6.0 GHz
  • Supports LTE and 5G NR in NSA mode today; easy SW upgrade to SA mode
  • Highly configurable and easy scripting to create various call flows and traffic models
  • Supports upto 3GPP Release 15. Same setup for LTE, NB-IoT and 5G UE Simulation
  • Simulates multiple UEs over NR interface to verify the eNodeB and gNodeB

NBIoT Simulation:

  • Simulate thousands of IoT UEs per sector over Uu interface
  • Simulate the entire LTE network (MME, SGW, PGW, HSS) on S1
  • Simulate neighboring eNodeBs over X2 to verify mobility
  • 3GPP release 14 compliant
  • Simulate Cat NB1, NB2, and M1 devices with multitone and multi-DRB support
  • Support of eDRX and Control Plane Optimization


Simnovus is focused to become a valuable QA partner for customers by providing expert solutions that meet end to end test requirements. Best thing is that it is not heavy on your CAPEX.

To book your demo slot, please contact us at to get the datasheet and schedule a demo.

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