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Post Pandemic World: 5G Will Be An Enabler Towards Transition to the New Normal

Uday Parida

According to,

“‘Social distancing’ has become the new normal and nobody would like to take a risk.”

Many market analysts and researchers believed that the corona virus vaccine will act as a tool to return the world to normalcy. But the World Health Organization’s chief recently warned that the world would not return to normalcy for the foreseeable future despite the availability of the corona virus vaccine.

The individuals have to accept social l distancing as the new normal to remain safe and healthy in the post-pandemic world. The leading enterprises have already started experimenting with disruptive technology like 5G to help human beings live in the post pandemic world. In addition to enhancing telecom network speed and reliability, they have launched projects to restore the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Some of these 5G projects will help professionals belonging to various industries to work seamlessly from home. At the same time, some 5G trials help professionals to deliver high-quality healthcare and education services proactively over the next generation telecom network. Hence, 5G has emerged as an enabler to help the post-pandemic world transit to the new normal in several ways.

7 Ways 5G Prepares the Post Pandemic World to Live with Social Distancing

Multi-Person Video Communication

Video communication has become an essential element of the post-pandemic work environments. No enterprise can ensure business continuity and enhance workplace safety without facilitating fast and uninterrupted multi-person video communication. The optimal speed and lower latency delivered by 5G networks will help enterprises to operate smoothly in distributed work environments. They can leverage the multi-person video communications as a powerful tool to recreate employees’ visual and aural presence. Also, the seamless digital collaboration facilitated by 5G will help enterprises to stay connected with clients while working with remote employees and allowing employees to work from home.

Private Network Wireless Solutions

The corona virus pandemic makes it essential for enterprises to deliver high-quality services by processing massive data collected from diverse sources. The enterprises need their own wireless networks to store and process big data efficiently. The many leading vendors and operators make it easier for hospitals to handle massive data loads by providing an end-to-end private wireless network solution. The solution enables hospitals to manage the critical assets in their network using simple plug-and-play connectivity. Enterprises from other industries will soon use this wireless network solution to speed up big data management.

Next-Generation Productivity Tools

The disruptions caused by corona virus pandemic are all set to make most of the conventional enterprise and productivity solutions obsolete. The enterprises now need new generation software and solutions to boost employee productivity while enhancing workplace safety. Many tech companies are working on next-generation systems and platforms that enable employees to upload, download, and share immense amounts of files instantly while working from home. . These productivity tools will enable enterprises to carry out operations smoothly with minimal onsite staff by leveraging advancement in radio and virtualized core networks.

Flawless Tele-surgery

Tele-surgery connects patients and doctors remotely by combining robotic technology and wireless networking. The 4G networks lack the speed, reliability, and latency required to facilitate flawless tele-surgery or remote surgery. But the optimal speed and ultra-low latency enabled by 5G technologies will enable doctors and surgeons to carry out surgical procedures remotely and flawlessly over the fastest wireless network. The massive amount of real-time data delivered bi-directionally over the 5G network will make the robotic tele-surgery system function dynamically based on the real-time instructions given by the surgeons.

Real-Time Patient Care

In addition to being over 10 times faster than 4G, 5G also reduced latency up to 1 millisecond. The enhanced speed and reduced latency will help patients to connect with healthcare providers remotely, safely, and seamlessly. The patients can share the latest health information with doctors over the internet by sending digital images and videos. Also, the doctors deliver personalized patient care in real-time while working from home. They can further use 5G-enabled devices to monitor the patients in real-time. Thus, 5G will keep both doctors and patients safe by minimizing frequent hospital visits.

Remote and Distributed Classrooms

The COVID-19 pandemic has made it essential for educational institutions to switch from conventional classrooms to distributed and remote classrooms. In addition to delivering live lectures, most teachers these days teach students by sharing video lectures. Hence, the quality and speed of live streaming videos directly impact remote classrooms. 5G will enable students to stream and download videos in a few seconds. Most educational institutions will leverage 5G technologies to make students connect and interact with teachers seamlessly while maintaining physical and social distance.

Virtual World Interactions

Many tech companies leverage the low-latency feature of 5G technology to build the next-generation augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) applications. Most of the AR and VR applications transport their users to a virtual world. But many startups are all set to launch VR applications that will enable users to interact with their loved ones in the virtual world. The next generation headsets will leverage VR to enable users to interact in the virtual world while staying at home and maintaining social distance. The innovative headset aims to combat the spread of corona virus by eliminating social isolation.

Despite the availability of corona virus vaccines, social distancing will remain an integral part of the post-pandemic lifestyle. The leading tech companies have been experimenting with 5G to make the transition to social distancing as the new normal in the future. The 5G projects and trials will contribute to saving both lives and livelihoods by restoring the disruptions caused by the pandemic.

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