How Simnovus Lab can revolutionalise education industry – Proposal, benefits to students & colleges

October 22, 2018

How Simnovus Lab can revolutionise education industry – Overview, Proposal, benefits to students & colleges

Overview & Challenges

Most of the engineering & technical colleges today mainly emphasize on theoretical aspects of technical education enabling students understand same old fundamental concepts and principles. Whereas these fundamental concepts are important for students, there is a clear need to go beyond it and add industry ready skills to the existing curriculum. In this modern era, there is a big craving and hunger among students to learn such advanced skills and knowledge which not only makes them industry ready but also enables them to be innovative and explore new ideas.

With the Skill India initiative by Government of India, there is more thrust and emphasis now on learning practical skills rather than just understanding theoretical concepts. Engineering colleges and their management do understand this change & need of the hour hence they are willing to invest in modernising their lab infrastructure. But the challenge is that these colleges have limited funds which makes it difficult for them to create such lab infra as most of the next gen telecom equipment and simulation labs are very very costly. In fact most of such next gen telecom simulation lab will not cost less than USD 200K on an average, making it too difficult for colleges to invest.

To overcome these challenges, what we need is a highly sophisticated, compact designed, Made in India – Cutting edge next gen, and highly cost effective simulation lab which can not only enhance the lab based curriculum but also provide a simple & generic lab for colleges, training institutes, research scholars and even industry experts to try their hands on and enhance their skills. SIMNOVUS has come up with such a solution which can be very useful in Skill India initiative.

SIMNOVUS offers LTE + NB-IoT UE & Network Simulation lab

SIMNOVUS can offer an end to end LTE and NB-IoT simulation lab which covers all the interfaces and protocol stacks as per 3gpp standards. This is completely software based lab with Software Define Radio and hence almost 1/4th of the cost of other such standard telecom simulation systems. Having such affordable labs in the colleges will immensely enhance the skills of students and help them understand how the next gen mobile technology works in real world.

Proposition for Engineering Colleges and Training institutes

• Simnovus can provide the whole LTE & NB-IoT simulation lab at a very reasonable cost which will be specially crafted for academics purpose
• Along with the lab, Simnovus can provide initial training to faculty and students. Training will cover both the technology overview and lab usage
• Simnovus can provide a periodic training & interactive session to the students and faculty to keep them updated with the industry
• Simnovus can help connect good project or research work with the established industry houses so as to promote the right talent
• Simnovus can propose or participate in creating a formal curriculum (Theory + Lab), project works and research work to the college

Benefits to Engineering & Technical Students and Research Scholars

Following understanding & concepts can be developed by using this lab:

• Basic concepts of LTE and NB-IoT network and 3gpp standards
• End to end LTE network topology and various key elements
• Functionality and importance of each key element present in LTE network
• End to end Call flow with message sequence and important parameters
• Concepts of how RF and Antenna theory is applied in real mobile networks
• Working concept of how mobile devices can be connected to network on various frequency bands & bandwidth
• Understanding of different protocol layer stacks to carry LTE signalling messages
• Understanding of how different voice, data and IoT services are provided in a LTE network
• Basic concepts of a Software Defined Radio and basic NFV concepts

Colleges or Technical institutes can include a separate Theory + Lab subject as a part of curriculum. It will encourage students to create innovative products and ideas based on cellular technology

• This simulation lab can provide a real time experience and knowledge to students on an advanced mobile network
• Students can analyse and study the message logs generated by the application along with wireshark files captured for theoretical knowledge. They can use the in-built spectrum analyser, sample viewer and I/Q file recorder to see and analyse frequency sampling in various bands & bandwidths. External spectrum analysers can also be connected to the radio head
• Students can develop external applications (e.g. send/recv data, voice ) or smart IoT devices1 using the infrastructure provided by Simnovus. This can be their final year project as well
• Students can learn to automate and interact with the application by using advanced technologies like nodejs and websocket. Multiple final year projects can be done based on it
• A well designed curriculum based on such simulation lab will make students Industry ready and help them understand future technologies like 5G, network virtualization. It can also be helpful in research activities like coding protocol stacks, design of communication elements, Connected Cars, smart homes etc.

Benefits to Engineering Colleges and Technical or Training Institutes – ROI

• Having such affordable end to end simulation lab will enable colleges and institutes to offer an additional elective subject to final year students. This can become a credible USP during admissions
• Colleges offering such facility to students will have greater impact in impressing the accreditation rating agencies which will further improve college ranking & popularity
• This lab will ensure industry ready students having “knowledge with experience” on next gen telecom technologies. This will attract more companies during placements
• Students can develop external applications (e.g. send/recv data, voice ) or smart IoT devices using the infrastructure provided by Simnovus Lab. This can be their final year project work. Few of these can also be recommended for patents – adds to the Intellectual property and reputation of colleges

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