URLLC – What to know before embracing it

February 29, 2020


As we know, to meet the diverse industrial and market demands, the ITU has classified 5G into URLLC, eMBB and mMTC. As data traffic requirements are increasing every day ranging from mission-critical to massive machine connectivity, the anticipation of 5G is growing at an exponential rate. Even though such requirements open new doors to exciting

Why FR1 should be preferred over FR2 for 5G deployment?

February 5, 2020

Why FR1 over FR2? As we know that more availability of spectrum data means more network capacity, which leads to faster data rates and better user experiences. With 3GPP release 15 and 5G NR technology, it is going to provide channel bandwidths of up to 100MHz in sub 6 GHz spectrum and up to 400

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